Homebound senior citizens age 60 and older in Oklahoma County may be eligible to receive a hot meal delivered to their home up to five days per week.

Ending Hunger OKC coordinates meals prepared and delivered by churches and community organizations throughout the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

Volunteers who deliver meals with a hug and a smile and ensure our homebound seniors are OK. Frequently the volunteer may be the only person the senior sees all day, providing human contact and a safety net, particularly for those seniors living alone.

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ElderEats (coming soon)

ElderEats is an innovative new program feeding the body and the soul by combining Postmates-like meal delivery with a first-of-its-kind social interaction service. ElderEats provides up to 21 meals per week and daily contact Monday through Friday at a reasonable cost. 

Often, people living elsewhere hope to find a way for their parent(s) to have regular meals. Other times, a caregiver may be planning a vacation or leaving on a business trip and wants the peace of mind that someone will be providing his loved one with daily social interaction. If a concern is noted, the drive is able to immediately contact the caregiver.


AniMeals on Wheels (coming soon)

Too often, seniors receiving a home-delivered meal feel the need to share their meager food resources with their four-legged companions. AniMeals supplies dog or cat food to help make sure pets and their owners have plenty to eat.

Ending Hunger OKC welcomes donations of pet food. Donations are repackaged and distributed to homebound seniors with pets once per month.


Kids Cuisine (coming soon)

Too many children in Oklahoma County have little food beyond what they receive at school. No child should go to bed hungry.

Ending Hunger OKC is reviewing ways to combat food insecurity for all, but especially our most vulnerable. In addition to partnering with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and other organizations, we hope to coordinate meal programs for youth.

We hope to model our program after Caterina's Club in Anaheim, Calif., where Chef Bruno Serato feeds more than 5,000 children each day.

They served our country. Help us serve them.

Too many veterans face food insecurity for any number of reasons. Mess Hall Meals on Wheels works with veterans organizations and community partners to honor former members of the military.


Mobile Market

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ending Hunger OKC along with St. Luke's is partnering with OG&E, Bank of Oklahoma, Downtown Rotary Club, Oklahoma City County Health Department, Feed the Children, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, and local restaurants to provide fresh produce and meals to help keep children, seniors, and families fed during this crisis.

The Mobile Market truck is distributing meals and produce to families on a first come first serve basis. The number that can be served at each location varies. Click the link below to learn where the Mobile Market will be this week.


Mess Hall Meals on Wheels (coming soon)